Laser Engrave

Engraving paved the way for communication and language. And laser engraving is an extension of engraving. Engraving was around before a lot of things, probably going back to the time of Knights and Vassals. After verbal communication which probably consisted of grunts and moans with some pointing.  The image you are viewing is composed in pixels – In real life this graphic representation carries more weight than just a font – on a computer – on a screen. This is a tangible object that you can put in your pocket and hand off. Through innovation and technology we are able to blast a pattern of a logo into lumber with a Carbon-Based Laser Beam. Previously this was an idea of science fiction, the laser was imagined before it ever “turned-tangible.” Laser engrave is where it’s at.

laser engrave

Metal Tag Maker shows our attention to detail and quality in everything we do. If you don’t know how to laser engrave, talk to us. Do you need to laser engrave? Not a problem! If you are unsure of whether or not we can use a substrate, feel free to send us an e-mail. You can even call us if you would like, though the best way to get in touch with us is to complete the RFQ form below. We are no stranger to all sorts of things to laser engrave. Custom metal name plates are one of our specialties! There’s never any corrosion or loss of imagery in your graphic or information. We have specially equipped machinery to produce the best and most permanent markings in the industry. Set up your custom order with us today and we can get the ball rolling!

Laser Engraving is the most permanent process and the best way to mark metal. Custom fabricated Stainless Steel Data Plates and Serial Plates are one of the many services that we offer. Laser Engraving is the best way to customize it with variable data that may be required when you label, tag or mark a particular piece of gear or equipment. We laser-cut our Stainless Steel to any shape with wide format carbon cutters and we custom mark it with various C02 and YAG Lasers to ensure the mark that you require and we take Laser Engraving very seriously. Our technicians even have the ability to go back and etch or engrave variable data into specific fields “as needed”. Check out Laser Cutting Pros! CLICK HERE

Laser Engrave
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