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Custom name plates: what better way to label everything around you in a durable and attractive fashion? With generic plates, you just have to hope that the name on the plate matches the name of the person or object you’re applying it to. It’s like buying one of those Coca-Cola bottles with the “share with” advertising on the back. Maybe you’ll end up with the right name for the person you’re hanging out with, but probably not. But with custom name plates, you’ll never have to deal with that uncertainty! Once you tell us what you need the custom name plates to say, we’re ready to get right to work. With our lasers, we’re able to do a shallow engraving for thin plates, or cut deeply for a textured result on thicker metal. If color’s your thing, we’ll screen print your custom name plates. If you can name the color, we can print it!Custom Name PlatesWe make custom name plates out of all sorts of materials. Aluminum and stainless steel are the most commonly chosen options, but if you’ve got another request, just let us know. We’re confident that we can rise to any challenge you can give us. Custom shapes? We can laser-cut your custom name plates into any shape you want. Abnormally large size? We’ll make a plate for the side of your building if that’s what you need! Our custom name plates won’t fade, crack or break like plastic ones can. When you want reliability and durability, go for metal every time. It’ll go the distance for you, stand up to wear and tear and come out of it looking great. What more could you ask for? Contact us today!

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