engraved aluminum

Engraved aluminum is an excellent way to display important information in a long-lasting, easy-to-read format. So when you’re looking for clarity and durability, engraved aluminum is the way to go. We should know! We’ve engraved aluminum signs, tags, mugs, machinery and more for hundreds of companies. We have this down to a science! We can make custom signs for you that will knock your socks off. Whatever image you have, whatever font you’d like, we can handle it. And don’t think you’re limited to rectangular signs, either! Not only can we do any other sort of regular shape, like circle, oval or octagon, we can custom cut the aluminum into any shape you desire. Need your signs in the shape of mermaids? Okay, Starbucks Jr, we’ve got you covered! Your signs are going to stand out even before we get to the engraved aluminum part of the operation.

So why are we such big fans of engraved aluminum? The reason is two-fold. First is the aluminum itself. Aluminum is weather- and time-resistant, very light, and inexpensive, which makes it great for your bottom line. Whether your signs are indoor or outdoor, engraved aluminum will last for years, shrugging off everything that’s thrown at it. The second reason we like engraved aluminum so much is the engraving. If you mark a durable metal with something impermanent, all you’re left with after a little while is a blank sign. That’s no good to anyone! With engraving, you can be sure that whatever you message you need will be there for the life of the metal. You’ll never have to be concerned that it will scrape off, fade away in the sun or run in the rain! Engraving is permanent.

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